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On October 20 2009, at 7 PM, five performers, placed in five different spots of the city of Jerusalem, incessantly describe everything they see and hear in their appointed spots; this incessant description, recited like a prayer, is individually recorded by each performer to create a 45 min. long audio archive.

The recited descriptions are as much of people, situations, attitudes, events, as of buildings, structures, itineraries, activities, routines, objects, atmospheres, circumstances, sounds, smells, including also the impressions, deductions, and intuitions of the describing or narrating subject.

It is important that the "prayer" not be interrupted and that the people who casually meet the performer be aware that they are being integrated into a narrative structure (merely through hearing how they are described, they themselves and what they are doing, and through knowing that this description is being recorded).

The audio tracks created by the performers, or "prayers", may be heard, downloaded, and combined using the structure above, thus allowing the visitor to reproduce in some way the complexity of the experience lived and recorded by the performer.

Performers: Bisan Abu-Eisheh, Rawan Abu-Gosh,
Firas Farrah, Samer Abu-Eisheh, Rima Abu Gharbieh
Special thanks to: Eneas Bernal

Prayers/Jerusalem is part of The Jerusalem Show, 2009.
Al-Ma'mal Foundation for Contemporary Art