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The Human Factor is a web and public space performance project, developed for P_O_, which took place in May/ June/ July 2004 in the city of Terrassa (Spain). A series of "agents" (performers, volunteering participants), all of them citizens of Terrassa, established during those three months a secret webmail correspondence with the author, Dora García. No one, except Dora, knew who were those agents and how many of them were active. During the month of May 2004, the agents sent to the author all kinds of information about themselves and their city. Using that information as a starting point, the author designed a group of performances in public space (happening in June/ July 2004) which would, gradually, reveal to the general web and city public and to the different agents the identity and the number of agents. But what once was top secret is now fully disclosed, and you can read here all those secret letters between author and agents, so being able to reconstruct the very exciting story of The Human Factor. UNFORTUNATELY, all that correspondence is in Spanish, and either you understand Spanish, or you start now to learn it (a very worthwhile enterprise) or you can use the recommended link to translate the letters: http://translate.google.com/