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Young women tricked into coming to England, often by boyfriends, are being sold off in auctions at airport coffee shops as soon as they arrive.


Goaded by his buddies, a forty-year-old nerdy guy who has never had sex only finds the pressure mounting when he meets a single mother.


An international, highly regarded banker is found dead in his Geneva residence. He is tied up to a bed and is wearing latex underwear.


A married man who is madly in love with his wife cannot stop himself when he is given the opportunity to have sex with a gorgeous black woman. Nothing will be the same in his marriage after that.


Two provincial music composers see the opportunity of their lives when a famous singer from Las Vegas has to spend the night in their village, due to a train strike. They hire the services of a prostitute to pose as the complacent wife of one of them.


A married man with children has a mistress. One day, when he has to catch a plane to meet his family and wife, he misses the plane because of the sexual appetite of his mistress. The missed plane crashes. He leaves his wife and family to marry his mistress; she saved his life.