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A computer salesman receives a cryptic message on his computer screen. Later he receives the same message in a newspaper and on a lunch bill. He tracks down the source of the messages and meets a man who offers to sell him a robot replica of himself.


An U.S. president tries to reclaim the country after 12 drunk senators gambled it away to an Indian chief.


An astronaut is lost in an uninhabited, alien jungle on a far away planet in a completely parallel universe and with drums driving him insane.


A country where being happy is compulsory.


A student receives an invitation to attend the world”s first and only Time Traveler Convention.


Adolescent guerrilla packs of specialized humanoids are routing the forces of civilized nations and ravaging the earth. When wholesale slaughter erupts, the battle continues underground where the survivors evolve into The Wild Boys, hordes of pitiless homosexual warriors who move in and destroy the cities.


After a nuclear apocalypse, two different societies attempt to dominate the planet. On the one hand there are the Trackers, descendents of military personnel protected from the blast who have lived underground ever since. The surface is dominated by the Mutes, descendents of small groups who managed to survive the blast without taking refuge in bunkers.


A man is picnicking with his family by a lake. Then suddenly he wakes up in a horrible factory in the future. The family and the vacation were an illusion created to make the factory work bearable. Eventually he finds a way to escape and make the pleasant scene his own reality.


A disease has killed off most of the population of earth. The survivors decide to leave Earth, and leave behind a lot of robots.  These robots built more robots, and eventually “evolve” into robots that can reproduce much as humans do (pregnant female robots). 


People who”ve been living in caves for generations, in total darkness. They navigate by clicking stones in their hands to get echoes. Some of them have evolved some kind of infra-red sight. Some of them press their eyeballs to experience flashes of light.