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Mars is running out of air, and the King orders the Lobster Man to go to earth and steal earth”s air supply for the inhabitants of Mars. Lobster Man at first refuses to go, but when told that he will be able to eat whatever, or whoever he wants he agrees to take the trip. Meanwhile on Earth, a young couple are driving along a deserted road completely unaware of the fate that awaits them.


The year is 1957, the place is Mojave, Calif., and astronomer Ted Lewis (Eric McCormack, Will & Grace) rushes to check out a strange object that streaked across the night sky and fell to Earth.


A book. Its title: “Moral machines: teaching robots right from wrong”.


A boy has in his room, without knowing it, the secret of the Universe. An army of cyborgs, robots, and elite warriors are on their way to find that secret and possess it, whatever it takes.


A cruel way of making a


There is no doubt that some UFOs are alien spacecraft. Moreover, the subject of flying saucers represents a “Cosmic Watergate” – a colossal government cover-up.


Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, they had children which survived and married into a line of French Kings, the lineage continues today and there is a secret society based in France which has the objective of restoring this lineage to the thrones not only of France but to the thrones of other European nations as well.


Martians invade Earth, because they really dislike how they are pictured in science-fiction films.


When the government forbids imagination, a man fights back.


A man who hates noise decides to exterminate anything producing it.