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Rogue samurai saves peasant village.

2515- Gavin Day

A fisherman visits his younger brother in the city and feels uncomfortable waiting outside his office.

2514- Jasper Kettner

Boy meets girl.


A small object with a certain weight that allows you to make out dream from real life.


The Ecumenical Council has given the Pope permission to become a nun. Just on Fridays, though.


A man meets another who swears to be him, but in the future.


A group of people come together in an anonymous waiting room. All are wearing name tags. As they exchange small talk, though, we realize there”s something odd: some of them are saying things about themselves that are clearly false, like the middle-aged man “Beth” and another middle-aged man hitting on a 14-year-old girl.


In an ideal state, every citizen has his own prophet, prophesizing his life as close in time and space to the citizen that sometimes he doubts if his life is being prophesized or just commanded.


A young waitress in the only ice cream salon in town longs for a less predictable life. She starts to see in her dreams a man who suddenly shows up in the ice cream salon and takes her with him.


A man dreams of a brother he hasn”t seen in years. In the dream, the brother is waving to him from the other side of a busy road. The morning after, he learns of his brother”s death.