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A real health and exercise crusader, a man (New York’s health commissioner) is able to reframe public debate in a single essay about whether poor people should be allowed to buy sodas with food stamps.


There is the story of the patient in a lie-detector who was asked if he was Napoleon. He replied, “No”. The lie-detector recorded that he was lying.

2495- Asen

Everything works out but nothing lasts. Nothing works out but it keeps on going.


A “day of silence” is institutionalized as a worldwide holiday. People stay at home, turn off lights and electric appliances. Airports are shut, motor vehicles are not allowed except for emergencies and everything, from the smallest shops to labyrinthine government offices, is shut down.


A gang of carnival workers enact revenge on a notorious rapist with the help of a tattoo gun.


An emperor whose only ambition is to be well dressed falls victim to a couple of visiting swindlers.


When a woodcutter boasts to a king that his daughter can spin gold from straw, she is forced to make a pact with a strange little man.


A yellow paint is of so singular a virtue that those bedaubed with it from head to heel were set free from the dangers of life, and the bondage of sin, and the fear of death for ever.


A man tries to escape his destiny, but his destiny catches up with him.


– Ask me if I am a frog.