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A car crash killed a newlywed in 1973. Now police say she was murdered — by the groom.


They began to circulate the theory of the foreign body that had penetrated the social fabric and had to be surgically removed.


I killed Abe Lincoln during my two hour nap. Intense dream.

2517- Colette Bego

“How will I recognize you?”

“That is of no importance.”

“How will you recognize me?”

“Because of the coin under your tongue.”

2514- Jasper Kettner

Boy meets girl.


A male model was taken into police custody hours after his companion, a celebrity Portuguese television journalist, was found castrated and bludgeoned to death in a New York City hotel.


French bridegroom and best man seized and killed on eve of wedding in Niger.


Texas executes its fifth teenage offender at 22 minutes after midnight, after his last request for bubble gum had been refused and his final claim of innocence had been forever silenced.


Argentine man kills himself on TV.


A professional wrestler has been found dead at his family home in the US along with his wife and son in what officials say appears to be a murder-suicide.