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2490- Daniil Kharms

There lived a redheaded man who had no eyes or ears. He didn”t have hair either, so he was called a redhead arbitrarily. He couldn”t talk because he had no mouth. He had no nose either. He didn”t even have arms or legs. He had no stomach, he had no back, he had no spine, and he had no innards at all. He didn”t have anything. So we don”t even know who we”re talking about. It”s better that we don”t talk about him any more.


As a child he loved to sing.


When Rembrandt’s possessions were sold at bankruptcy in 1656, they included paintings by Raphael, Giorgione, and van Eyck. And seventy-five Rembrants. And did not bring in enough to discharge the bankruptcy.


Emily Dickinson became so extravagantly reclusive in the second half of her life that for the last ten years she did not once leave her house.


A 38-year-old nun used to be a lap-dancer, and spent many years working in Italian nightclubs. She now uses her talents in a rather different way – for what she calls “The Holy Dance” a performance on Tuesday evenings at the Holy Cross in Jerusalem Basilica in Rome, in front of senior Catholic clerics.


A once-famous mind reader is hungry for a comeback.


He was a wealthy and powerful man, with knowledge of metal working, who had travelled to Salisbury from Alpine Europe, for reasons unknown. Post mortem examinations show that he suffered from both a serious knee injury and a potentially fatal dental problem, leading to conclude that he came to Stonehenge to be healed.


A 33-year-old woman poses as her 15-year-old daughter to return to high school as a cheerleader.


A New York teacher has apologised for taking sick leave to pursue a secret other life as a professional wrestler.


The young man wants to be the first amputee runner to compete in the Olympics. He was born without the fibula bone in his lower legs and with other defects in his feet. He had both legs amputated below the knee when he was 11 months old. At 20, his coach says, he is like a five-speed engine with no second gear.