Daily Archive for April 9th, 2009


A severely mutilated, naked body, sliced in half at the waist and a grotesque grimace carved into her face, is found not far from Hollywood. The corpse belongs to 22-year-old, who moved to California to pursue an acting career but ended up serving tables.


During a wild party, an obese Hollywood comedy star takes advantage of a naive young actress, puncturing her bladder during forced sex (with a beer bottle!); she dies a painful death of peritonitis.


A 38-year-old nun used to be a lap-dancer, and spent many years working in Italian nightclubs. She now uses her talents in a rather different way – for what she calls “The Holy Dance” a performance on Tuesday evenings at the Holy Cross in Jerusalem Basilica in Rome, in front of senior Catholic clerics.


Chimpanzees exchange meat for sex.