Monthly Archive for September, 2008


He was a wealthy and powerful man, with knowledge of metal working, who had travelled to Salisbury from Alpine Europe, for reasons unknown. Post mortem examinations show that he suffered from both a serious knee injury and a potentially fatal dental problem, leading to conclude that he came to Stonehenge to be healed.


A 33-year-old woman poses as her 15-year-old daughter to return to high school as a cheerleader.

2461- Anonymous

I heard a huge bang, I turned around, I saw a man on top of a car. At first I thought it was some traffic accident but there were no cars around, just the parked car with the man lying on the bonnet. I looked up and saw two men looking out the window smiling. They were Chinese like the man on the bonnet.


A boy aged 12 stabs his six-month-old stepbrother to death in his cot and cuts off his hand. He is since in a prison hospital, where it is decided that he should not be left alone with female members of staff after he asked a woman who worked there for sex, then asked if there was “anyone else available” when his request was refused. He is however allowed to build a vast collection of horror and pornographic DVDs.


A mother murders her one-month-old daughter by burning her to death in a microwave oven. She confessed to putting her daughter in the microwave and switching it on, because she was afraid that her boyfriend would leave her if he discovered that he was not the baby”s father.