Daily Archive for March 25th, 2006


The captors of a young Jewish man brutally murdered in a working class suburb one month ago, hounded his family with as many as 40 telephone calls a day before the police advised the family to cut off communications. Only on weekends, during Africa Cup soccer matches, did the calls stop.


At the nadir of his addiction, a man goes to a cave, crawls in as far as he can and essentially lays down to die; but then he has the sensation that “I should be dying at God”s time, not mine”, then he walks out and starts a new life.


A black journalist is chosen to present the news on the country”s most popular television news program, in what is described as a major step forward for minority groups.


A couple seeks fertility treatment. The woman is diagnosed with a pre-cancerous condition and before having her ovaries removed, she and her partner undertake in vitro fertilization and create six embryos that are frozen for storage, her only hope of motherhood. Months later, they separate, and he withdraws his consent for the embryos to be used.


An African pygmy is brought to the United States and exhibited in a cage at the Bronx Zoo in New York as a kind of living illustration for Darwin”s “Origin of Species”.