Daily Archive for March 7th, 2006


Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, they had children which survived and married into a line of French Kings, the lineage continues today and there is a secret society based in France which has the objective of restoring this lineage to the thrones not only of France but to the thrones of other European nations as well.


Jesus married Mary magdalene and they had a child, and that blood line survives to this day.


Citizens let slip the memory of a slain leader: twenty years after having their president gunned down, the anniversary is an ordinary day for most of the people.


More than 200 political activists defy a police ban to demonstrate and to engage in their forbidden action: eating “pig soup” in public. With steaming bowls of the fragrant broth soon passing through the crowd, they sing their racuous chant: “we are all pig eaters!”


Soldiers rounded up all the men and boys, executed some on the spot and detained others, and then used violence, including rape, to drive the rest of the people away.


A secret report says the Mexican military carried out a genocide plan of kidnapping, torturing and killing hundreds of supposed subversives during the so-called dirty war from the 1960s to the early 1980s.