Daily Archive for February 5th, 2006


A train operator says the rush-hour journeys would be lengthened slightly after tight timetables and speeding were blamed for a derailment that killed 107 people.


A Yale professor, aviator and later senator, brokers a special dispensation with the Peruvian government to take Inca bones and ritual tomb objects out of Peru.


A nation of twelve million traumatized people, the survivors and the children of survivors of one of the past century’s most horrifying episodes of mass murder.


Four Algerian conscripts are among the soldiers under the command of a young French Army officer, who treats them with respect and trusts them. The other French soldiers refer to them by slang names for Arabs.


A charismatic rock singer is arrested on suspicion of driving erratically while on drugs. While at the police station, he is arrested again, on suspicion of assaulting a fan at a recent concert. Three hours later, wandering erratically down the street, he is arrested a third time, charged with carrying heroin in his jeans.


A stranger knocks on the door of a house and asks for shelter from the storm. Or says he has lost his way. Or claims he is expected as a guest.


A shoe designer takes the personal jewels of a screen legend from the 50s to create a one-of-a-kind pair of shoes, which will be worn by a movie star of today at this year’s Oscars.


A famous acting duo become the parents of twins, born to a surrogate mother.


China cancels the release of a movie citing concern that it could provoke public anger and rekindle anti-Japanese sentiment, reacting to a movie featuring China’s best-known actresses as geishas, which many Chinese consider to be prostitutes.


The bodies of 11 young men, some of them shot repeatedly and bearing marks of torture, are found in a minibus.