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The government put into effect one of the more radical attempts to achieve sexual equality: requiring that within the next two years, 40 percent of the board members of the large, publicly traded private companies be women.


A hot commodity: Language.


Abused men have to fight an uphill battle to be taken seriously.


Scientists find a galaxy joining ours.


He did not want people to pity him. Pity -in fact, any public display of emotion- was perceived by him as weakness. It conflicted with the upbringing he received from his mother and contradicted the norms accepted by his generation.


11 miners try to shelter from poisonous air in one of the farthest reaches of the mine. One of them takes a paper and a pencil from his pocket: in faint sentences of farewell and religious conviction, he lets his family know that death, as it approached, came gently.


When asked if the drug had deepened his understanding of death, he appeared mildly startled and said no. “I go back to where I came from, to where I was before I was born, that”s all”.


Robbers from upper middle class backgrounds, dressed in wigs and dark glasses, briefly take control of a bank and hold several people hostage until the police arrives on the scene. As they attempt to escape, one of the robbers is shot and killed.


It took years for a single mother to drum up the courage to join the growing stream of Mexican women illegaly crossing the border on the promise of a job, in her case working in a meatpacking plant for $5,15 an hour.


A Labour foreign secreatary in the 1960s stumblingly invites a guest in flowing purple robes to dance.