Daily Archive for October 5th, 2005


On her wedding night, a young woman conceives a child during an hallucinatory encounter. Several years later, as her friends and family begin to behave strangely, she pieces together clues that lead to one conclusion…her son is the Antichrist!


A middle-aged woman, traumatized from the death of her adulterous lover, moves into a room at a New Orleans boarding house where the blind landlord becomes suspicious to her activities of continuing her affair with her dead lover.


A woman with a very boring job. At night however, she and a male partner cruise the bars as swingers. After a time, she begins to believe that a conspiracy exists and decides that she must become a born-again Christian.


Children are being brainwashed into zombified cannibal killers by a disturbed teen.


A venereal disease turns an entire town of two-timing mothers into cannibals.


A famous actress is impregnated by a convicted murderer and becomes plagued by visions of an extremely gaunt and sepulchral Death. Upon discovering her child is the image of its criminal father, Hilde must decide whether to allow it to live or to kill it and risk the embrace of Death himself.


A brilliant mathematician manages to break the Enigma code, used by the Germans to send secret orders to their U-boats in World War II. He is also a homosexual in Britain at a time when this was illegal, besides being a security risk. The authorities decide that it is time to get him out of the way.


The explosive story of the relationship between two young gangsters. The decisions these men make and the paths they each take create a trap for them in a community where rules can”t be broken and secrets won”t be tolerated.


The popular and macho captain of the high-school soccer team is forced to confront his homosexuality, after his buddies discover a male-pornography magazine in his bedroom.


A group of people come together in an anonymous waiting room. All are wearing name tags. As they exchange small talk, though, we realize there”s something odd: some of them are saying things about themselves that are clearly false, like the middle-aged man “Beth” and another middle-aged man hitting on a 14-year-old girl.