Monthly Archive for July, 2005


A woman tries to shake off an admirer by turning her house into a building site.


Two men, unknown to each other, wake up to find themselves locked up by a sadistic killer. To survive, one has to kill the other.


Two children are abused by their football coach.


The hunt for a child-killer.


A young Napolitan witnesses a murder but says nothing, for fear of rejection by the community.


A young man is promoted to be the boss of a man twice his age and the father of the girl he is in love with.


A young girl, turned into an old granny by a witch, gets a job as a housekeeper in a moving castle owned by a young wizard who is trying to stop a terrible war.


A young boy refuses to abandon his dream of becoming a pianist.


A young woman coming back from a party falls sleep while waiting for the last subway train. When she wakes up, she is alone in a dark subway station.


A young, sophisticated woman, who has just rejected a clumsy lover, happens to see her own apartment through a surveillance camera, and there she sees herself having humiliating sex with the rejected lover.