Monthly Archive for October, 2004


In the future, people do not die once, but twice; the first time acts as a sort of warning. People who have already died once are, as a rule, wiser than people who did never die yet.


When people die, they don”t go to Heaven, but to Mars; and there they just resume their lives, in a very similar situation to the one left on Earth, until they die again.


A beautiful Martian housewife starts having visions of spaceships coming from planet Earth to colonize her planet, and blue-eyed, fair-haired astronauts wanting to kill her husband and have sexual intercourse with her. She is a sort of Martian Pocahontas.


The human eye is redesigned, and now it can see, through the corner of the redesigned eye, other possible, parallel, alternative realities to the one that occupies its main field of vision.


A successful top woman executive in an international company is assaulted each night by nightmarish, horrible visions, visions of hell or the future.


Four men who were involved in the investigation of a German millionaire at the end of WW II are found murdered with tiny dolls left next to their corpses.


A married man with children falls in love with a very young woman and proposes to his wife that they all live happily together. And why not? After all, since years he has been considering himself as just another son of his wife.


There is a place where all centuries overlap, and where every night two armored knights are run over by a steam train when they try to kill it, thinking it was a fire-spitting dragon.


Fearful of a cataclysm that would leave no trace of thirty thousand years of civilization on Earth, Mankind decides to send off a spaceship into the infinite universe, containing the greatest achievements of those thousand years of civilization: the Bible, J.S. Bach music, a copy of the Mona Lisa, and Citizen Kane.