Day 7 (24:09:2015) "Family"

I found myself being surrounded by my family at a barbeque and I couldn't help but ask them what “The Message” was. I know there was an evident disinterest from the get go. 

But I thought to myself I may as well give it a go. I looked over at these guests who claimed to be distant relatives.  I looked at their faces searching for a trace of familiarity,  who were these people and why didn't I remember them.

I approached a group chatting, I caught eyes with one of the guys there, he said the daunting sentence every art graduate finds themselves contemplating." What are you up to now Chloe?" I hurriedly responded, "Oh just a bit of this and that." I tried to shut

it down deter the attention away from myself. So I sheepishly mumbled, " I heard you are in finance now". Please note I had no clue who I was talking too I was blagging it just like my life. 

He continued to talk and I breathed a sigh of relief. He then turned around and looked at me sharply as if he had caught me in my plan saying "Let’s go back to the art, 

what kind of art do you." Where could I begin, I thought perhaps this was an opportunity I could use to convey “The Message.” A way of seeing "The Message” from a Zimbabwean perspective.

I like the idea of outsider art why could I not lexicalise this and do it from  an "outsider perspective". I explained my quest,  my journey with "The Message" I then told him "The Message" and he said to me, 

"I think what you are doing is cool". I was somewhat underwhelmed I thought he would say something profound or thought provoking but that did not happen. "Cool" was the buzz word of the time, 

but I guess expectation is what had been holding me back. I can take "Cool", I can take its deeper meaning, I can take it's sincerity and I can also take it's loss of words.