Day 6 (23:09:2015) "She's the one who's got a nose ring"

I found myself back on the search again, my "Kurdish or Farsi" saviour could only tell me just, that the words still seemed like an alien form of writing. 

Every once in a while google translate would pop up on my Mac like it was reading my mind the temptation was definitely there.
As I sat I the train which I some how find myself on quite a lot I heard two young men talking about a girl. One was trying to describe a curly haired blond girl who was friends with his sister. He shook his head and said "I don't remember mate." He used another signifier "she's the one who came to my house party." The friend shook his head again and said I don't remember. Now his friend clearly frustrated said, "don't you remember she the one who used to do voice overs." The friend looked up again in turmoil you could see he was searching the far reaches of his mind to appease his friends frustration." Now the other friend running in his last line looked up and said "she's the one who's got a nose ring." The boy looked up un jubilation a saying "Yes! Yes! Remeber her, her name was Annabel!" The other friend swooped in and said ,"yes Annabel!"
It got be thinking about "The Message" I wanted a signifier I wanted that signifier. That "Nose ring" prompt!