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Wednesday January 12, 2011
Today was a hard day at school… so again I asked someone I know a bit, a very young guy, I think also very intelligent, we are not very well acquainted, but in friendly terms anyway and I know he knows many things and has a very entertaining, unusual conversation… so I asked him, he looked puzzled, said he did not understand. I told him the story, and his immediate suggestion was to upload the message to facebook.

"No, I cannot do that, I must meet the person who understands this message face to face."

"Well, then you put it in facebook and ask people NOT to research on internet, but just find out off line."

"I can say that, but they'll do whatever they want, on line or off line".

"Anyway" -I said- "Do you have any idea what language it could be?"

"Hebrew? or Russian?"

Well, those two were new to me. Maybe… but probably not.