Thursday December 30, 2010
Somewhere in the street…  the truth is I didn't notice what street it was because I was very distracted, I was sitting on the last seat of the bus when I heard two women talking, by their tone of voice I thought they could be two young women in their twenties, old friends perhaps, their conversation was very fluid and full of laughter, they spoke about the dinner on new Year's Eve, they both argued because they had different recipes for the same dish, then one of them said suddently "Last night I heard a really cool song, listen:  Shared lips, Parted lips…" They had a strong foreign accent in their Spanish, so I went to have a look at their faces, and was surprised to see that one of the women was old and big and the other one small and almost a child, with her face full of scratches as if she had just fallen from the playground swing.

They were not even family, they were work colleagues. I gave them my enigmatic sentence and the old lady turned her head to hear it better, getting closer to me and then she got back to her initial posture as if she hadn't heard anything. No, they did not understand. But she kept wondering when I asked her if she had heard the language before and then suddenly she shrieked: "My neighbour!! My neighbour speaks that!! My neighbour speaks a dialect and I am sure it is that one you just spoke" and then addressing the young girl: "Don't you know, the guy next door in my block, he speaks that funny language"… but the other one never had been in the house of the old, big lady.

I asked her where she lived and she said it but I could not understnad, it was Lomas Something, I'll look it up when I am at home. I had to get off the bus and so I did while smiling and waving my hand to them, the young small girl, the old big lady.