December 22 2010

While riding in the bus, along Avenida Vallarta, a girl of about 14 years of age stepped in, she was very thin, brunette with curly hair, and her fringe ironed flat, at first glance she looked a little shy, and… special, so to speak.

The lady who was sitting next to me got off like 2 minutes after this girl stepped in and I was hoping the girl would sit next to me, so I stood up to let her take the place next to the window, because I was sitting at the aisle.

But she did not move. I shrugged and sat back, and like 5 minutes later the girl asked me to let her pass and sit, and as we were standing up and sitting down I asked her the question, and I know she heard it because she tilted her head a little to listen better to the sentence, but she did not answer and did not want to talk to me. After a while, with the thinnest of voices, she asked: "What?"

I repeated. She said it did not sound like any language. Then surprisingly she said yes, it did sound as a language, as one of the seven languages she and her friend spoke when they participated in a certain ritual. "Ritual?". Yes, ritual, a ritual where we speak the seven tongues. I started to think of trance and candomblé and was a bit afraid. She kept talking, she was sure her friend would understand what I had just said, because she could speak the seven tongues, but only, and exclusively, when she was in trance.

I had to laugh because it was certainly not my plan to go with this girl to a place where they perform seven-tongue rituals, so… but I could not let it go: "What seven languages are those??" "I think those spoken by the Romans"… the Romans…

The curious thing is that she did not once looked at me while we were talking. She seemed to be very, very uncomfortable and the more we spoke, the more she kept pressing herself against the glass of the window, as if wanting to penetrate it and disappear.