Wednesday December 15, 2010
I'm participating in a stop motion project, it is being done in my school, I started today, in the course of the morning I met a professor of ethics, he speaks several languages next to English and Spanish, I know he speaks Latin as well, because he always writes comments in Latin on the examination papers, and after a little chat around Disney movies I delivered the sentence to him: first he looked thoughtful, then annoyed: Is this a joke? I claimed my innocence and asked him if he had any idea of what language could it be; for him, it sounded like a Filipino or African language, Don't you think so? he said. Well, I think the idea of an African language sounds exotic, and thrilling. Then he asked me why I wanted to know, I said I had to find someone who understands the phrase, then he thought for a while longer, but could not suggest anything new.

A while later I asked a friend who works in the laboratory of stop motion, I said the phrase, and surprisingly he said "But, since when do you speak ....???" then he was interrupted by a colleague from University who started talking Japanese, it made me laugh, so weird…, the other boy told us that whenever he saw a Japanese girl he wanted to tell them how beautiful their skin was, but he mixed up the Japanese word for skin with the Japanese word for belly, and he always said in the end: "Oh, you have such a nice belly!" and the girls laughed and touched their bellies. Skin is "hana" and belly is "hara".

When they were done with their belly and skin gig I told the boys again the question, then they wanted to know why I wanted to know, I said I simply must find out what this means. Then the skin belly boy said he would ask his father- the most respected University professor, an authority in the art of verbal expression. Then he said he thought it was Greek, and then I said, why not, Greek is fine.