Friday December 10 2010

Looking for a peaceful and pleasant place to write and clear my head a bit, to get away from my house, I quickly thought of going to Chapultepec Avenue, every time I passed by I saw a lot of happy things, places, people, food, people painting, etc. . I thought I might find something in the evening and if not, it is nonetheless a very nice place. I headed for that place and in my walk from where the bus left me to the ridge, I met 3 women and a baby, probably the 3 were sisters, one of them, which looked older, was changing her baby's diaper on the ground, it caught my attention, not to mention that it was outside a restaurant. The other two women were fighting with each other half- joking in a language I did not know, and still do not know. I was staring at them and then one of them looked at me, really do not know if they were fighting or simply their language had a VERY marked pronunciation… they were speaking very loudly, I asked one of them if I was allowed to ask a question, then I said the sentence straight and she said no. Just no.

I asked about which language they were speaking, what it was, and one of them told me it was Mixtec, at first I did not understand, so I asked her to write the name, she said she could not, because they spoke that language but no one taught them how to write it, I was very sad to know that, I think the mother languages of Mexico are very beautiful and makes me sad to think that they are disappearing. Could you please repeat the name of the language you were speaking? I said, afraid of forgetting it - in fact I had forgot it already. She did not seem to understand the question and said, a bit upset: What do you want me to do, to repeat what, what do you say, woman? I re-enacted our conversation once again and she said, moving her mouth very slowly: Mixtec. I speak Mixtec.

There was nothing peculiar that day in the Chapultepec roundabout, yet I stood there a while and enjoyed my night walk.