Saturday December 4

I want to buy a book with the title "Egypt", 6 days ago I went to the FIL bookfair but couldn't find it,  so I went to the city center to see if I could find it there. I was at the bus stop on Avenida Rafael Sanzio, a woman between 50 and 60 years old (I think), waited in the shadow at the bus stop, there is no bus stop really, just a corner with a flowershop. The woman was leaning against the fence. I walked past the corner to see if the bus was coming, I stayed there for a while, but I felt her looking at me, the lady. As the bus was not showing up, I joined her in the shadow, and while standing next to her she suddenly asked me if I studied here, I said, What?, Did not know if she meant in Guadalajara or in a school which is just a block away, and she said, "Yes, you studying here in Guadalajara?" and I said yes, then she asked me if I lived here, and I answered yes, in fact, I live 3 blocks away, I was curious to know why she was asking and she said she had a nursing home, then I only replied: oh dear. Then she mentioned that 629 bus route was not coming, she had been a while waiting for the bus, her daughter told her she would be here any minute to pick her up. I guess she must have been there for 40 minutes. We stood next to each other, in silence. Minutes later I ask the question, "I koseseo yosaingul ponaigo sipsimnika? "She did not answer, I asked her if she knew which language it was, and she said,"No, do say again," I repeated it, she mused perhaps it is Chinese, and I told her that I had asked a Korean girl not so long ago and she did not seem to recognize the language as anything near Korean. The lady thought a little longer and then she said: it is Nahuatl. Do you think so? I said; Yes, it is Nahuatl, the lady was 100% sure it was the dialect, she explained that her mother had a young boy helping her with the errands and his native language is Nahuatl, and often when he means to say pretty or beautiful he says yeyetzi yeyetzo, I really do not know how to spell it, but that's the way it sounded. She suggested to ask people with Indigenous features, for instance those working in the parking lot of the supermarkets and the Megamarket, those speak many diferent languages. I thanked her and said goodbye quickly because my bus was already there, she ran to help her daughter step down, the daughter was coming with two little children, I could not ask if I could take a picture, probably she would have said yes, yes, she was very nice, but I forgot to ask because I was too busy trying to memorize "yeyetzo or yeyetzi, pretty or beautiful." I do not know if it really is Nahuatl, but "yeyetzo", even if you pronounce so badly as I do, it stills sounds lovely, I think it sounds similar to my question. I start looking for people who might speak Nahuatl.

Monday December 6
I remembered that the lady had mentioned the workers of the parking lots at the supermarkets as likely receptors for my message, so I'll go. Already getting dark at around 7 pm, I meet a guy, I was not sure I could identify as someone speaking something other than Spanish, but I greeted him and said the sentence, at first he told me, "Yes," and I got so excited (again), but then he asked," How?" and I repeated the phrase, and he said,"ah, no, do not understand ", (¬ ¬ ), I asked if it sounded like a familiar language to him, and he said yes, but did not know what language could be, did not understand what I said, but he told me he had several friends who spoke languages of that type, but he never could learn any of those languages because they only spoke nonsense to him and swear words, I gave a little laugh. Then the young man told me that the people working across the parking lot speak many different languages; "I have been told it was Nahuatl", and he said he did not know, but I could find out on the other side.

I went across the parking lot and I found a man gathering carts from the supermarket, I said the sentence, he said he did not understand, very seriously. I wondered if he knew what language could be and he said no, "What language do you speak?" "Nahuatl", Oh no, it's like starting from 0, again, however, there is still hope and it is possible that the language is Mexican, or Asian, according to the uncertain paths to follow I have collected so far.