Thursday December 2, 2010
I just went through a whole week of exams and I feel very tired after so many sleepless nights, this morning I had to pass an exam at 8:30 am. When the test was over, I left the classroom and went to the open air swimming pool. I was considering it while leaning on the banister, then saw an examination colleague who was speaking on the phone. When he hung up, I just went up to him, and without thinking, said the mysterious question, "I koseseo yosaingul ponaigo sipsimnika?" He looked  at me and smiled, then started talking in German — I thought it was German. I laughed a lot because I did not understand why he came up with that, besides his voice was a bit sarcastic, I assumed that he wasn't saying really something, (: 3), I turned my head to the pool and I laughed then I asked him why he spoke German to me and he replied that "I had to defend myself, besides, it wasn't German, it was Kenya, you were also speaking in Kenya," I laughed even more, and asked what on earth that language, Kenya, was. He said it was the language spoken in the film The Lord of the Rings, then smiled and continued the story: "I was just so obsessed with that film that I learnt the language". This gave me even more laughter. I told him I did not know the language, that of my sentence, and asked if he had no idea what language might be, then he goes if it could be Japanese or Chinese, I shook my head, no, it could not, if it was Chinese or Japanese the girl from Korea would have said something, I guess, it should have sounded familiar to her, but then that girl was strange. I thanked the boy and asked him if I could take his picture. He said yes, but instead asked someone who was passing by to take a picture of us both. I thought I looked horrible in that picture so decided to take a picture of the swimming pool which, looked good.