The first time I read the question I was excited and also scared because it does not sound like any specific language and I thought it would be difficult to find someone who understood the language of the question. I do not know if this bizarre job will be quick, or slow, the only thing I know is it will be fun.

I'm still doing my final exams; I hope this is no obstacle to my search. I thought and thought about what language it could be ... I remembered that I had a teacher a long time ago, she was a lover of History, she traveled abroad so many times so I thought I could start my search with her. I found her after a while, alone in the school, she addressed me as soon as she saw me walking, I said the phrase "I koseseo yosaingul ponaigo sipsimnika?"


She said: "What?" I repeated it, she said she did not understand, I asked her if it sounded to her like some specific language and she assured me that it was not Hebrew and obviously was not English either… Maybe Japanese? No, I can recognize Japanese. So what it is, she asks. I don't know, I say, I just have this job, this task, I have to find someone who understands that question. Probably -she says- the message does not matter so much…

Could I take your picture? I ask - yes, you can, and she even poses for me and smiles… as I leave, she asks me to thank the person who gave me that task, because it got us together after all those years…



In the city of Guadalajara there is today… the giants parade!! I saw it on TV yesterday and I was so thrilled I decided to go see them in the center of the city. I stand in front of the cathedral surrounded by a lot of people, all pushing and shouting, the show is awesome and people are fascinated and very active in the streets of my city, close to where I am I catch a glimpse of an Asiatic girl, probably Chinese, I decide to try my luck and I deliver the message. She looks at me and shows me a dvd movie, titled "The Way Home", apparently she is suggesting me to see it but I cannot understand what she says. I say the sentence again, she answers something I do not understand, I ask her if she understood the question and she says no. She is Korean. I ask her if I can take a picture and she says yes but when I produce my camera she says, startled: "Nooooooo!!- take picture of her!!" and she points to another girl. I smile and leave. 



Sitting on the stairs of the cathedral a very plain-looking girl is waiting for someone. For me…? I say hello and shoot the question, she looks away as if she thinks something really bad is about to happen. "Do you know what language it is? she retorts: "Why do you have to know?" "It's my job". She is silent so I stand up to leave but then she whispers: "I think it may be an Amerindian language, a language with Mexican roots"

This is finally a hint for me, a track to follow.