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I killed Abe Lincoln during my two hour nap. Intense dream.


Their dream: nothing less than the establishment of a colony from which an advance contingent of Aryans could forge a claim to the entire South American continent. But the continent had other plans.


A group of people have been reading a book together for thirty years. They have been reading it again and again, with each journey from the first to the last page taking eleven years. Once they arrive at the last word, a very enigmatic “the,” they begin again with the first word, “riverrun.” The text appears inexhaustible, its interpretation endless, the inconclusive nature of the reading exciting. The world seems to cease existing outside this reading room or, perhaps, it exists because of it.


Rogue samurai saves peasant village.

2514- Jasper Kettner

Boy meets girl.


Los Angeles County Sheriff’s investigators seek at least four men who were videotaped sexually assaulting at least 10 women who appear to be severely disabled, including women in a care home.


The traditional throwing of a bride”s bouquet for luck ended in disaster. The bride and groom had hired a small plane to fly past and throw the bouquet to a line of women guests. However, the flowers were sucked into the plane”s engine causing it to catch fire and explode.


A young bachelor creates a Web site to raise money for women who want breast implants. The women pose for photographs on the site, and so-called benefactors pay for the right to look — and to “interact,” as he puts it, via email and blog posts.


Indecent exposure of undergarments, masculine or feminine, will be unlawful in a public place. It would go in the same portion of the city code that outlaws sex in public and the exposure or fondling of genitals.


In a new twist on care for the elderly, thousands of Norwegians are relaxing in the Spanish sun and taking health cures at a growing number of geriatric and rehabilitation centres run by Norwegian municipalities and staffed almost entirely by Norwegians in the Alicante region.