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Four million Americans believe they have been abducted by extraterrestrials. Many of them share personality traits and sleep disorders. Most of them have pre-existing new-age beliefs – they are into bio-energetic therapies, past lives, astral projection, tarot cards.


A clockmaker finds a cardboard box, then opens two holes at the bottom and discovers that he can see the future through them.


A witch uses her powers to stop being a witch.


A famous actor and singer awakens one day to find his mirror image passing himself off as the real star


The third world war breaks out. In his despair, a man named Alexander turns himself in a prayer to God, offering him everything to have the war not happened at all.


A lonely architect falls for the spirit of beautiful woman who used to live in his new apartment.


A young, sophisticated woman, who has just rejected a clumsy lover, happens to see her own apartment through a surveillance camera, and there she sees herself having humiliating sex with the rejected lover.


A man discovers, somewhere in his house, a book where everything he has done so far has been written down in painful detail. Worse: where everything he will do from now on until the end is written as well.


After an unsuccessful cancer operation, a young woman is able to see angels, angels who are with us all the time, but we cannot see. Now she can, and she even can talk to them. Maybe she is one of them now.