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Experts create invisibility cloak.


The memory of mice suffering from Alzheimer”s disease is restored, a study shows. Scientists increased the activity of an enzyme called Uch-L1 which is involved in memory function. They then tested the mice and found that they had regained the ability to form new memories.


Pluto loses status as a planet. Researchers say Pluto fails to dominate its orbit around the Sun in the same way as the other planets.


A pair of strange new worlds that blur the boundaries between planets and stars are discovered beyond our Solar System. They circle each other rather than orbiting a star.


Every movement, gurgle and chuckle made by a baby in the first three years of its life is being recorded by a scientist in the US.


The government’s sudden closure of a company recently created to preserve cells from the umbilical cords of babies, days after a newspaper published the news that dozens of families are turning to foreign firms for this service, throws into relief a point of conflict between public interest and private law.


A Yale professor, aviator and later senator, brokers a special dispensation with the Peruvian government to take Inca bones and ritual tomb objects out of Peru.


A scientist kidnaps a pigmy couple believing he has found the missing link between ape and man.


Researchers find out that underneath a famous painting depicting the first known New Zealand landscape, there is another painting: a surprisingly detailed view on the Antarctica, painted 200 years ago.


Researchers develop a new type of plastic whose shape can be temporarily changed by exposure to light.