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In search of unrealised paradises, a communist and a capitalist break into summer homes to build a new future.

2527- George Polke

An artist wants to write all the stories in the world. She meets a cartographer and an inventor. The inventor makes a machine to make old stories new. The new stories are stranger than the originals.


They began to circulate the theory of the foreign body that had penetrated the social fabric and had to be surgically removed.


A group of people have been reading a book together for thirty years. They have been reading it again and again, with each journey from the first to the last page taking eleven years. Once they arrive at the last word, a very enigmatic “the,” they begin again with the first word, “riverrun.” The text appears inexhaustible, its interpretation endless, the inconclusive nature of the reading exciting. The world seems to cease existing outside this reading room or, perhaps, it exists because of it.

2514- Jasper Kettner

Boy meets girl.


A world in which everyone unfailingly tells the truth; they don’t even know what fiction is. Every thought, however humiliating or harsh, tumbles out unvarnished.


A group of friends take an intergalactic trip, and when they return to Earth, they find the planet uninhabited. They must go in search of the missing citizens from Planet Earth. But “where are they?” soon turns into “when are they?”


The last two men on earth vie for the affections of the same woman.


Mars is running out of air, and the King orders the Lobster Man to go to earth and steal earth”s air supply for the inhabitants of Mars. Lobster Man at first refuses to go, but when told that he will be able to eat whatever, or whoever he wants he agrees to take the trip. Meanwhile on Earth, a young couple are driving along a deserted road completely unaware of the fate that awaits them.


The year is 1957, the place is Mojave, Calif., and astronomer Ted Lewis (Eric McCormack, Will & Grace) rushes to check out a strange object that streaked across the night sky and fell to Earth.