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A police officer has described his shock at discovering his wife had been having an intense affair with a woman who was murdered along with her family. Sergeant Stephen Lewis, 35, told Swansea Crown Court that his “life had collapsed around him” after Alison Lewis revealed the relationship – just hours after Mandy Power, her mother and two daughters were found dead.


A Muslim woman reported to have “married” four women denies the allegations, saying the reports of her wedding were false, and that she is not a lesbian. Lesbianism is illegal in her country and the Muslim law considers it a very serious offence. The woman fears for her life.


In a section of the Rush Street nightclub district sometimes called “the Viagra triangle,” a huge billboard rose up recently with photographs of a sexy, scantily clad woman on one side and a buff, bare-chested man on the other. The text between the photos proclaimed: “Life”s short. Get a divorce.”


After months of bored indifference, two giant pandas join for not one, not two but three frenzied bouts of mating.


A young man and a young woman fall in love and prepare to marry. But the man wants to see the world first and they both agree to postpone the marriage a few years. He gives her a letter and tells her to open it if he never comes back. He never comes back, she opens the letter. But there is nothing on it, it is a plain, white sheet of paper.


While confined to a psychiatric hospital, a neo-Nazi skinhead falls in love with a young black woman who”s channeling Adolf Hitler.


In the 1930s, Shanti, an Indian citizen, signs up to study dentistry in Germany and ends up joining the British troops during WWII. A Jewish woman from Berlin flees to London and there meets Shanti, who had been a boarder in her family home. They marry.


The explosive story of the relationship between two young gangsters. The decisions these men make and the paths they each take create a trap for them in a community where rules can”t be broken and secrets won”t be tolerated.


Two men whose lives are changed, disturbed and entwined after they are hired to tend sheep for a summer in Wyoming, and they fall in love with each other.


A scandalously rich tobacco heiress leaves her entire state to her gay butler.