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2536 – from Kim

In 2021 the year started on the 12th of January.


In the traditional Russian villages, the young girls would often get together to rent an old hut or a room in someone’s house. They would gather there in the evenings to tell stories, do needlework and sing. The young men would come to join in the merrymaking. Sometimes it seems that the merrymaking would become an orgy, though there are conflicting ideas about this.


They began to circulate the theory of the foreign body that had penetrated the social fabric and had to be surgically removed.


Their dream: nothing less than the establishment of a colony from which an advance contingent of Aryans could forge a claim to the entire South American continent. But the continent had other plans.


An Israelite man traveling with his concubine refuses to lodge in a foreign city, “that is not of the children of Israel”; He heads instead to the next Israelite town, where the locals attempt to rape him, and do in fact rape and slaughter his concubine. In retaliation, the people of Israel massacre the entire tribe of Benjamin, leaving only a handful of survivors so that there will not be “one tribe lacking in Israel”.

2514- Jasper Kettner

Boy meets girl.


China”s one-child policy, and a traditional preference for male heirs, has led many couples to try to ensure that their single offspring is a boy. Some pay for illegal ultrasound tests to discover the sex of a foetus, and abort it if it is female.


Archeologists believe they may have found the remains of two children of Russia”s last tsar, executed by the Bolsheviks in 1918. Ceramic vessels found nearby appear to have contained sulphuric acid, consistent with an account by one of the Bolshevik firing squad, who said that after shooting the family they doused the bodies in acid to destroy the flesh and prevent them becoming objects of veneration.


47 million files hold meticulously recorded information on forced labourers, concentration camp victims and political prisoners. In grey, bureaucratic language the Nazis kept records on the smallest details – from the number of lice on a prisoner”s head to the exact moment of their execution.


Bulgarian society is still divided on whether anyone should bear moral responsibility for the communist past and, if so, who. Few believe the new commission charged with opening the archives will act impartially.