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An Indian man has been living in a tree for the past 15 years despite passionate appeals by his mother to return home.


A famous acting duo become the parents of twins, born to a surrogate mother.


He did not want people to pity him. Pity -in fact, any public display of emotion- was perceived by him as weakness. It conflicted with the upbringing he received from his mother and contradicted the norms accepted by his generation.


A mother and a father realize how monotonous and isolated their life is when their daughter, in a desperate attempt to get attention, suddenly pretends to be blind. The family decides to break with their trot and plan to emigrate to Australia.


A man imprisons his own family in a barn to save them from the evils of the world.


A tormented old man on the verge of death is haunted by the ghost of the petulant, unbearably treacherous brother he killed when they were both two young adults.


A woman who suddenly is plagued by dreams that reveal a dark part of her childhood, when she was abused by her father.


A child start doing shoplifting and all sort of monkey business, in the hope of stopping in that way the affaire between his mother and his teacher and save his parents’ marriage.


A woman thinks she has found the perfect husband, until she comes up against his mother.


A young father in deep economic trouble resolves to sell his newborn infant to get out of it.