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The power of gangsters has been heightened in recent years by the availability of mobile phones, smuggled through prison security, enabling members to run criminal activities from the safety of their cells.


A woman is murdered with a kitchen knife she carried while investigating a noise outside her home. She bled to death after being stabbed in the leg. The weapon has not been found.


A rapist declares that his victim indicated that she wanted sex by the way she sat while wearing a knee-length skirt, and that it was his duty as a man to accommodate her.


The captors of a young Jewish man brutally murdered in a working class suburb one month ago, hounded his family with as many as 40 telephone calls a day before the police advised the family to cut off communications. Only on weekends, during Africa Cup soccer matches, did the calls stop.


A judge allows the state”s worst serial killer -he has admitted killing 29 patients with drug overdoses at nursing homes and hospitals- to donate a kidney.


A young woman with a hubba-hubba figure, a great smile, alabaster skin and dark, curly hair, died young, mysteriously and gruesomely. Photos of her corpse –torso cut in two, face slashed into a hideous mock of a grin- were suppressed, self-censored by the papers. She was known to friends as the Black Dahlia.


A private investigator believes that heat makes people want to kill. So he thinks that a good air conditioning system would do good to potential murderers.


“Wanted for one or more days the services of a medical man. It is essential that he should be a man of strong physique, of steady nerves, and of a resolute nature. Must be an entomologist – coleopterist preferred. Apply, in person, at 77B, Brook Street. Application must be made before twelve o”clock today.”


A violent and psychotic gangster needs a place to lie low after a hit that should never have been carried out. He finds the perfect cover in the form of guest house run by a one-time rock superstar, who is looking for the right spark to rekindle his faded talent.


After accidentally shooting dead her ex-lover during a fight, a woman enlists the help of a stranger, Gunther, and his friend, Fritz, to dispose of the body while becoming intimate with both men.