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Detectives investigating a murder try to contact the author of a poem that supposedly names the killer. The poem describes the fatal stabbing of Paul Kelly, 32, outside the Longacre Tavern in Bath, Somerset, in the early hours of New Year”s Day. It names the alleged murderer and claims he has threatened several witnesses of the attack to deter them from helping the police. It was stuck to lampposts and bus shelters near the murder scene last week.


The identities and whereabouts of the two boys who murdered a two-year-old boy ten years ago are to be kept secret for the rest of their lives, the High Court has ruled.


An unknown man brandishing a metal crowbar attacks American top figure-skater.


A female top tennis player is stabbed on court.


A man kills another man. He struggles to hide the corpse, but the corpse begins to grow, grow monstruously, to the point that it is impossible to move it, let alone to hide it.


Zackery Bowen and “Addie” Hall had a tumultuous relationship. The anatomy of the grisly crime followed the same manic path. In his suicide note, Bowen confessed to strangling Hall, violating her, dismembering, and finally cooking Hall”s body before jumping to his death.


Police hunts a man they suspect of having kidnapped a young girl and held her as a sex slave in a cellar for eight years.


Two brothers gain the trust of a young married couple seeking a new home by posing as property salesmen. But, in reality, they are ruthless conmen, whose greed shall lead to murder – and ultimately to their own downfall.


A former gay lover and prison confidant of a famous criminal alleged the gangster revealed his first wife was murdered by his twin brother. An inquest at the time concluded his wife had committed suicide, and no one knew about this twin brother then.


Two identical twins were the most notorious criminals of the 1960s, heading an organised underworld empire of protection rackets, violence and murder. They were not well known to the public until the press revealed a homosexual relationship between a prominent peer and a leading thug in the London underworld, obviously one of the twins.