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Officers in Salisbury will be using cameras in their helmets to deter and detect crime across the city.


The mysterious disappearance of the 66-year-old Earl of Shaftesbury, a flamboyant multi-millionaire, gripped the French Riviera. His widow, Ms M”Barek, a former nightclub hostess was alleged to have been involved in the murder because her husband was in the process of divorcing her for another, younger woman.


A man about to be executed requests that his final meal be a vegetarian pizza donated to any homeless person located near the Maximum Security Institution where he is going to be executed at 2 a.m. But after he dies, prison officials refuse to honor his request, saying that they do not donate to charities. That apparently upset a few people willing to pay for and deliver a lot of pies themselves, and homeless shelters were inundated with donated pizzas.


A man is sentenced to death for the rape-cum-murder of a girl. His execution fails and the trauma it causes, results in his amnesia. Faced with a man who claims to be a different person and has no knowledge of his past, his executioners must find ways to refresh his memory, so that he may legally be executed.


Two elderly nuns are found suffocated in their hillside convent. The motive of the murder appears to be robbery – the killers are believed to have taken a crucifix containing wood reputedly from the cross on which Jesus Christ died.


The traditional penalty for a yakuza who has erred against his gang is brutal and permanent. It is the practise of “yubitsume” the little finger is chopped off at the knuckle to demonstrate penitence.


Gangsters are known for the spectacular tattoos that sometimes cover most of their bodies. Most Japanese public pools and gyms as a result exclude anyone with a tattoo of any kind.


The yakuza are trying toning down their gaudy image – the distinctive short hair-styles, the elaborate tattoos, and most famously, the chopped-off little finger. Now they want the more sober style.


The richest woman of Hong Kong, Nina Wang, first became a household name when her businessman husband Teddy was kidnapped 15 years ago. He was never seen again and nine years later he was declared dead. She inherited his fortune.


A man is forced into letting a gang of teenagers use his flat to drink and smoke cannabis. They subject him to regular abuse and humiliation, including pouring drinks and food on to him, daubing his face with ink and make-up, burning his hair, urinating on him and vandalising his flat. It also included regular beatings.