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The grandmother of a five-year-old girl who was killed in an attack by a pit bull terrier-type dog has been charged with her manslaughter.


Twins, who were conceived normally, come to the attention of scientists because one was born with sexually ambiguous genitalia. The child was discovered to be a hermaphrodite, and has both ovarian and testicular tissue, while the other child is anatomically male.


The cry went up the moment the polio vaccination team was spotted in the little village of Bareilly, India: “Hide your children!”


A 35-year-old unemployed single mother of three whildren who suffers from severe myopia appeals to the court after a doctor insists that she go ahead with the birth of her fourth child despite warnings from ophthalmologists that she could go blind.


Two children are abused by their football coach.


The hunt for a child-killer.