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Little Hans, whose father had been sending Freud reports about his son’s interest in sexual matters—suddenly developed a phobia (an infantile neurosis). He refused to leave the house and go into the street for fear of being bitten by a horse.

2514- Jasper Kettner

Boy meets girl.


My name is Alfonso the Algebra Magician. It may seem hard to believe, but I can read your mind.


A dog touches citizens” hearts by saving an abandoned baby, putting him alongside her own puppies.


Toddler shot in head with airgun.


He was adopted by Mr Doerflein after his mother rejected him at birth.


Kidnappers who seized a three-year-old UK girl in Nigeria have threatened to kill her unless her father agrees to take her place, her mother says.


A man has been charged with indecent assault following the rescue of a South African boy who had allegedly been held captive in a dark room for 13 years. The boy, known as Bongani, is said to be traumatised and recoils from bright lights. He was allegedly seized when he was just five years old.


A couple kills a three-year-old boy they were planning to adopt when he fails to meet their expectations of ready-made family life.


Boys, 12 and 16, face charges in connection with small fires.