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Rogue samurai saves peasant village.

2514- Jasper Kettner

Boy meets girl.


A soldier disappears after being shot down in 1986. Now the television broadcasts footage of what it says is the missing pilot, twenty years later. The grainy clip shows a bearded man bearing a close resemblance to the young pilot. His family says they believe the footage is authentic. But where is the man, where is that film coming from?


A Pan Am jumbo jet with 258 passengers on board crashes- hundreds are feared dead.


A black journalist is chosen to present the news on the country”s most popular television news program, in what is described as a major step forward for minority groups.


A bitter and repressed single lawyer takes on the church and the state when she fights for the life of a priest who performed a deadly exorcism on a young woman.


Ghosts communicate with the living through badly working television sets. TV noise is a unquestionable signal of the supernatural.