Monthly Archive for April, 2009


A severely mutilated, naked body, sliced in half at the waist and a grotesque grimace carved into her face, is found not far from Hollywood. The corpse belongs to 22-year-old, who moved to California to pursue an acting career but ended up serving tables.


During a wild party, an obese Hollywood comedy star takes advantage of a naive young actress, puncturing her bladder during forced sex (with a beer bottle!); she dies a painful death of peritonitis.


A 38-year-old nun used to be a lap-dancer, and spent many years working in Italian nightclubs. She now uses her talents in a rather different way – for what she calls “The Holy Dance” a performance on Tuesday evenings at the Holy Cross in Jerusalem Basilica in Rome, in front of senior Catholic clerics.


Chimpanzees exchange meat for sex.


People smuggled across the border, the so-called “pollos” – or chickens – are told by the smugglers, or “coyotes”, that the price of their passage has suddenly gone up.


My name is Alfonso the Algebra Magician. It may seem hard to believe, but I can read your mind.


A once-famous mind reader is hungry for a comeback.


Marcela is trapped in an unhappy marriage. She runs into the erudite Evzen, a prosperous vintner who owns land in Italy. It may not be love at first sight, but it”s certainly attraction.


The year is 1957, the place is Mojave, Calif., and astronomer Ted Lewis (Eric McCormack, Will & Grace) rushes to check out a strange object that streaked across the night sky and fell to Earth.


A recent college graduate (Jesse Eisenberg) ends up working at a dumpy amusement park where he falls in love with a troubled young woman.