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Students from a radical mosque in Pakistan”s capital Islamabad abduct a group of Chinese nationals, including women, accusing them of prostitution. They raided a house in a residential part of the city which they said was a brothel.


A chance meeting in a White House waiting room sparked a young, almost adolescent journalist”s friendship with an FBI agent, and this friendship would change their country forever.


The US Central Intelligence Agency is to declassify hundreds of documents detailing some of the agency”s worst illegal abuses. Among them: the confinement of a Soviet defector in the mid-1960s; assassination plots of foreign leaders, including Cuba”s Fidel Castro; wiretapping and surveillance of journalists; behaviour modification experiments on “unwitting” US citizens.


The 12.000 inhabitants of the town of Mourenx live in horizontal blocks if they are married, in towers if they are single. The married quarter consists of identical houses, symmetrically divided between two families.


The quiet revolt of Berlin actor Wolfgang Neuss, who in 1963 placed a notice in the paper “Der Abend”vgiving away the identity of the killer in a television serial that had been keeping the masses in suspense for weeks.


The Ecumenical Council has given the Pope permission to become a nun. Just on Fridays, though.


A medical examiner blames a 17-year-old girl”s death on the use of too much muscle cream, the kind used to soothe aching legs after exercise.


Shumail Raj, 31, had sex-change surgery to become a man and then married his cousin – who was aware of the condition. The couple argue that they married to protect the bride from being sold into marriage to pay off her uncle”s gambling debts. The two were arrested last week after the bride”s family complained about the gender of her husband.


The mysterious disappearance of the 66-year-old Earl of Shaftesbury, a flamboyant multi-millionaire, gripped the French Riviera. His widow, Ms M”Barek, a former nightclub hostess was alleged to have been involved in the murder because her husband was in the process of divorcing her for another, younger woman.