Daily Archive for May 15th, 2007


A Muslim woman reported to have “married” four women denies the allegations, saying the reports of her wedding were false, and that she is not a lesbian. Lesbianism is illegal in her country and the Muslim law considers it a very serious offence. The woman fears for her life.


In a social experiment highly unusual for this most unplanned of countries, the Indian government has handpicked Nagpur, relatively small, forgettable city, to be fattened and primped into an international metropolis.


Boys, 12 and 16, face charges in connection with small fires.


A man about to be executed requests that his final meal be a vegetarian pizza donated to any homeless person located near the Maximum Security Institution where he is going to be executed at 2 a.m. But after he dies, prison officials refuse to honor his request, saying that they do not donate to charities. That apparently upset a few people willing to pay for and deliver a lot of pies themselves, and homeless shelters were inundated with donated pizzas.


A virus contracted through oral sex is the cause of some throat cancers, say US scientists.


Friar Galvao began a tradition among Brazilian Catholics of handing out tiny rice-paper pills, inscribed with a Latin prayer, to people seeking cures for all manner of ailments. Although he died in 1822, Brazilian nuns still toil in the Sao Paulo monastery where Galvao is buried, preparing thousands of the tiny pills for free daily distribution. Each one carries these words: “After birth, the Virgin remained intact. Mother of God, intercede on our behalf.”


In a section of the Rush Street nightclub district sometimes called “the Viagra triangle,” a huge billboard rose up recently with photographs of a sexy, scantily clad woman on one side and a buff, bare-chested man on the other. The text between the photos proclaimed: “Life”s short. Get a divorce.”


A teenage Japanese boy walks into a police station carrying a severed human head and claiming to have killed his mother.


Researchers are investigating a long unknown killing field in Cambodia with the graves of thousands of Khmer Rouge victims from the 1970s. But local villagers found it first. By the time the researchers arrived last week, some 200 graves had been dug open and the bones scattered through the woods by hundreds of people hunting for jewelry. After the assault on the burial ground, the village seemed filled with remorse and dread. Several people said they had been awakened at night by screams from the graves.


The young man wants to be the first amputee runner to compete in the Olympics. He was born without the fibula bone in his lower legs and with other defects in his feet. He had both legs amputated below the knee when he was 11 months old. At 20, his coach says, he is like a five-speed engine with no second gear.