Daily Archive for May 6th, 2007


A 13-year-old boy is making himself into a great speller by way of unhappiness and the immense pressure he feels to reunite his family, which was blown across two continents when his parents were sent back to India last year after being denied political asylum.


A pop singer sets out to save the world, and scores an early success by leading an international campaign to free an Iranian teenage girl from a date with the hangman.


After months of bored indifference, two giant pandas join for not one, not two but three frenzied bouts of mating.


A man is sentenced to death for the rape-cum-murder of a girl. His execution fails and the trauma it causes, results in his amnesia. Faced with a man who claims to be a different person and has no knowledge of his past, his executioners must find ways to refresh his memory, so that he may legally be executed.