Monthly Archive for May, 2007


A man has been charged with indecent assault following the rescue of a South African boy who had allegedly been held captive in a dark room for 13 years. The boy, known as Bongani, is said to be traumatised and recoils from bright lights. He was allegedly seized when he was just five years old.


A couple kills a three-year-old boy they were planning to adopt when he fails to meet their expectations of ready-made family life.


A man is jailed for life after admitting he murdered his mother”s lesbian partner and dumped her body in a coal bunker. Teresa, faced with losing her long term partner in the most violent of deaths in a murder carried out by her son, takes her own life a few months later.


A police officer has described his shock at discovering his wife had been having an intense affair with a woman who was murdered along with her family. Sergeant Stephen Lewis, 35, told Swansea Crown Court that his “life had collapsed around him” after Alison Lewis revealed the relationship – just hours after Mandy Power, her mother and two daughters were found dead.


She had been accompanying her elder child to the school bus stop on a winter”s morning in 2002. She told investigators she had been out of the house for only minutes. When she returned her two-year-old son was dying. Later, Anna Maria”s blood-soaked pyjamas were found by police next to the body of her son.


They call themselves Fatherless, a group of armed young men who have lost their fathers in gang wars in Trench Town, a Kingston inner city of bullet-pocked homes and birthplace of reggae. High on cocaine laced with marijuana and armed to the teeth, the gang is among the many in Jamaica which fight over turf, drug money and influence as muscle men for political parties.


A Muslim woman reported to have “married” four women denies the allegations, saying the reports of her wedding were false, and that she is not a lesbian. Lesbianism is illegal in her country and the Muslim law considers it a very serious offence. The woman fears for her life.


In a social experiment highly unusual for this most unplanned of countries, the Indian government has handpicked Nagpur, relatively small, forgettable city, to be fattened and primped into an international metropolis.


Boys, 12 and 16, face charges in connection with small fires.


A man about to be executed requests that his final meal be a vegetarian pizza donated to any homeless person located near the Maximum Security Institution where he is going to be executed at 2 a.m. But after he dies, prison officials refuse to honor his request, saying that they do not donate to charities. That apparently upset a few people willing to pay for and deliver a lot of pies themselves, and homeless shelters were inundated with donated pizzas.