Monthly Archive for December, 2006


In a seaside resort town where vice has long been a lucrative commodity, there was nothing particularly noteworthy about four crack-addled prostitutes missing. Their decayed bodies were found in a drainage ditch on the outskirts of town three days before Thanksgiving.


An ex-KGB officer dies of radiation poisoning attributed to polonium-210.


A journalist, a critic of the government and in particular of the war the government carries on, is shot dead.


A man kills another man. He struggles to hide the corpse, but the corpse begins to grow, grow monstruously, to the point that it is impossible to move it, let alone to hide it.


A young man and a young woman fall in love and prepare to marry. But the man wants to see the world first and they both agree to postpone the marriage a few years. He gives her a letter and tells her to open it if he never comes back. He never comes back, she opens the letter. But there is nothing on it, it is a plain, white sheet of paper.