Monthly Archive for August, 2006


The government proposes a monitoring centre that would eavesdrop on telephone, internet and other communications. The government defends the proposal in the name of national security, to protect people from organised crime.


A soldier disappears after being shot down in 1986. Now the television broadcasts footage of what it says is the missing pilot, twenty years later. The grainy clip shows a bearded man bearing a close resemblance to the young pilot. His family says they believe the footage is authentic. But where is the man, where is that film coming from?


The authorities try to discover how a boat carrying the bodies of 11 men was found adrift off the coast. Police found a note left by one of the dying men. In the note, the man speaks of his family, then ends the note by saying: “Please excuse me and goodbye”.


The memory of mice suffering from Alzheimer”s disease is restored, a study shows. Scientists increased the activity of an enzyme called Uch-L1 which is involved in memory function. They then tested the mice and found that they had regained the ability to form new memories.


A teenager who was held captive for eight years is reported to have wept inconsolably when she was told the man who kidnapped her and to whom she had to call “master” was dead.


Pluto loses status as a planet. Researchers say Pluto fails to dominate its orbit around the Sun in the same way as the other planets.


Caprice Valerie Bourret was born on October 24, 1971, and raised in a modest three-bedroom bungalow in a suburb of Los Angeles by her mother Valerie.


Police hunts a man they suspect of having kidnapped a young girl and held her as a sex slave in a cellar for eight years.


Austrian officials are using DNA tests to see whether a young woman they found is the schoolgirl whose disappearance sparked a huge manhunt eight years ago.


A pair of strange new worlds that blur the boundaries between planets and stars are discovered beyond our Solar System. They circle each other rather than orbiting a star.