Monthly Archive for May, 2006


Two brothers gain the trust of a young married couple seeking a new home by posing as property salesmen. But, in reality, they are ruthless conmen, whose greed shall lead to murder – and ultimately to their own downfall.


Every movement, gurgle and chuckle made by a baby in the first three years of its life is being recorded by a scientist in the US.


A former gay lover and prison confidant of a famous criminal alleged the gangster revealed his first wife was murdered by his twin brother. An inquest at the time concluded his wife had committed suicide, and no one knew about this twin brother then.


Two identical twins were the most notorious criminals of the 1960s, heading an organised underworld empire of protection rackets, violence and murder. They were not well known to the public until the press revealed a homosexual relationship between a prominent peer and a leading thug in the London underworld, obviously one of the twins.


The power of gangsters has been heightened in recent years by the availability of mobile phones, smuggled through prison security, enabling members to run criminal activities from the safety of their cells.


For 60 years, a German archive documenting Nazi war crimes helped survivors of the Holocaust trace missing relatives but the archive was closed to the public. There are 17 million names in it. The Nazis recorded everything; from the number of lice on a prisoner”s head to the exact moment of execution. There is very personal information, too: names of collaborators, homosexuals and prostitutes. Now, 60 years after the end of the war, many feel they should be opened.


A Pan Am jumbo jet with 258 passengers on board crashes- hundreds are feared dead.


A woman is murdered with a kitchen knife she carried while investigating a noise outside her home. She bled to death after being stabbed in the leg. The weapon has not been found.


A top Chinese academic is fired after it emerges he faked research into computer chips that aimed at ending the nation”s reliance on foreign suppliers.


Activity on a volcano intensifies, with continuous clouds of ash, gas and rock fragments spewing from its crater. Thousands of people have been moved from the volcano”s upper slopes, but a small number are refusing to leave.