Monthly Archive for January, 2006


Affirmative masculinity beats down the metrosexual male.


Message to immigrants has a language gap.


A revered mystic who cursed Saddam Hussein, criticized Madonna and influenced Israeli elections, has died of pneumonia. He was believed to be about 106.


A British warship that went to the bottom of the Mediterranean in 1694 with a cargo of coins now worth up to 4 billion dollars, becomes embroiled in a bitter diplomatic dispute that pits Spain against Britain.


The snow-laden roof of an exhibition hall collapses during a pigeon racing show, killing 66 people and injuring 141. Some trapped victims call loved ones on their mobile phones from the ruins of the hall, describing the frozen corpses around them during their last moments alive.


Real state agents and brokers hold gatherings to bring unmarried clients together, while at the same time promoting their business.They say they want to help out ambitious unattached progessionals who have little time to seek out romance.


At 23, a serious and driven performer with washboard abs, winsome looks and a Gene Kelly-like dancing ability, wants nothing less that to break down barriers, build cultural bridges and become the first Asian pop star to succeed in America.


Two top Germany generals are dismissed after allegations of racist abuse by one general’s son, favoritism and misuse of official information. The son, a student at the military academy, was accused of making racist and far-right comments.


A widow’s long quest for justice in Indonesia: in a conference room of the national police headquarters here, Patsy Spier once again relived the attack that robbed her of ther husband on a Saturday afternoon in 2002 in remote Papua province.She described how attackers fired into the convoy carrying her, her husband and eight other Americans.


Torture by Proxy.